Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Start strong, Stay strong! 11/24 - 12/7/15

These past two weeks have been stellar! Theres so much work going on and so much to be done, I feel like all I do is blink and the week is gone... but I suppose that's what it will feel like one day when I turn 50!

Dana Point is really beginning to catch fire! Over the past two weeks, Elder Everett and I have had so many different experiences! The members in our ward our so much help to us. We have such a great Ward Mission Leader and an amazing Bishop who are both so missionary minded. Its awesome to see all the members so fired up about missionary work.

Something I have noted since being out is that a good experience doesn't always mean that good things have happened. Something I've already believed but have really come to know is true for my self is that God allows hard things to happen so we can rely on Him and be stronger for it! And what a blessing it is that our Heavenly Father trusts us with that! He trusts that we can handle the hard things in our life and though he does not take it away, he gives us things that we can use that will help us through those experiences. Prayer, the scriptures, prophets, and so on. And as we use these tools with faith that we will receive help, we will receive it; through our thoughts, other people, or even from things that can at times seem random. All true and good things come from Christ! Nothing is random! I know that's true.

This past week we had some awesome miracles. 2 Weeks ago, we had a lesson fall through. As we were leaving, right as we got to the bottom of the apartment we met this guy walking up the street. So we talked with him, asked if we could meet with him sometime, got his number and went on our way. Finally this past Thursdayhe was able meet with us. As we talked with him and asked him why he wanted to meet with us, he said that in that short minute where we spoke he felt something. A "spark". By the end of the lesson, the spirit was so strong and he said, "I haven't felt this good in a long time... you guys have my attention." Then he asked us if he could come to church with us! And he said he would be baptized! It was such an awesome experience and I know he could feel the love his Father in Heaven has for him!

Things are going really well here in the mission! Along with Willy, we are teaching another man named Shawn! They both have said they want to follow Christ and be baptized and we are working on a date with them!

Side note, go to and check out the amazing video the church just released called "A Savior is Born". It is such a great video about the birth of Jesus Christ. I encourage everyone to check it out! I know Jesus Christ is our Savior and it is especially important to remember and to share with others during the Christmas season! He is the reason we celebrate Christmas!

Till next time!
Elder Mills

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